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Can you name the best NBAers for the Top 15 Schools in the nation??

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College (Years in NBA)PlayerCategory and Amount
Ohio State (1963-1978)*26,395 Points
Ohio State (1964-1974)*12,942 Rebounds
Ohio State (1963-1978)*6,114 Assists
Kansas (1960-1973)*31,419 Points
Kansas (1960-1973)*23,924 Rebounds
Kansas (1960-1973)4,643 Assists
Duke (1995-Present)16,545 Points
Duke (2000-Present)4,405 Rebounds
Duke (1995-Present)4,119 Assists
Pittsburgh (1975-1985)13,901 Points
Pittsburgh (1975-1985)4,377 Rebounds
Pittsburgh (1975-1985)1,862 Assists
Notre Dame (1977-1991)*23,177 Points
Notre Dame (1981-1994)10,400 Rebounds
Notre Dame (1977-1991)*2,830 Assists
San Diego State (1985-2000)8,278 Points
San Diego State (1985-2000)8,646 Rebounds
San Diego State (1985-2000)1,057 Assists
North Carolina (1985-2003)*32,292 Points
North Carolina (1973-1986)*8,048 Rebounds
North Carolina (1985-2003)*5,633 Assists
Texas (2008-Present)8,128 Points
Texas (1983-1997)6,689 Rebounds
College (Years in NBA)PlayerCategory and Amount
Texas (1981-1990)3,866 Assists
Connecticut (1997-2011)22,286 Points
Connecticut (1995-2009)6,376 Rebounds
Connecticut (1997-2011)3,974 Assists
Brigham Young (1982-1995)11,964 Points
Brigham Young (1969-1978)5,578 Rebounds
Brigham Young (1982-1995)4,199 Assists
Kentucky (1971-1985)27,482 Points
Kentucky (1971-1985)11,183 Rebounds
Kentucky (1968-1979)4,687 Assists
Syracuse (1967-1978)*18,327 Points
Syracuse (1991-2005)7,232 Rebounds
Syracuse (1967-1978)*5,397 Assists
Purdue (1995-2005)14,234 Points
Purdue (1999-Present)6,180 Rebounds
Purdue (1999-Present2,446 Assists
Louisville (1981-1991)12,391 Points
Louisville (1969-1981)*13,769 Rebounds
Louisville (1969-1981)*3,822 Assists
Florida (1989-2001)10,912 Points
Florida (1970-1977)4,392 Rebounds
Florida (1999-2011)4,691 Assists

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