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Who is the creator of RWBY?
Where is the show set?
In team RWBY the R stands for?
The W stands for?
The B stands for
And the Y stands for?
Team RWBY are good friends with team JNPR in which the J stands for?
The N stands for?
The P stands for?
And the R stands for?
What month and year did the first ever episode appear on RoosterTeeth.com?
What is the PC game created by fans based on RWBY?
True or False, Rooster Teeth have adopted this game and it is now under development?
Who Composed the soundtrack to RWBY?
Who's vocals feature in these soundtracks?
What are the creatures inhabiting Remnant called?
What is the name of the prominent element that powers magical abilities and weapons in Remnant?
What is the name given to a characters 'unique magical ability'?
How many awards has RWBY won?
What award did they win At the 2014 International Academy of Web Television Awards?
What is the name of Ruby's weapon?
Weiss's weapon?
Blake's weapon?
Yang's weapon?
Jaune's weapon?
Pyrrha's weapons?
Nora's weapon?
Ren's weapons?

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