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How well do you know the legend, NerdCubed?

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What is NerdCubed's real name?
What is the name of his gaming YouTube channel?
What is the name of his IRL YouTube channel?
What is his home country called?
Where does he supposedly live now?
What is his fathers name?
what was the name of his old room-mate?
What did Dan originally do on the internet (before his gaming videos)
What was the game most of these were based on?
What was the name of Dan's Machinima
Eventually Machinima.com offered him a contract, true or false?
Who is the other famous YouTuber Dan plays with once a week?
What is the series they do together called?
What animal is Dan's worst enemy?
What is Dan's worst fear?
What is his favourite TV show?
Who is his favourite Doctor?
When is his Birthday?
What does Dan call his fan base?
As of ___ ___ Dan impressively reached 1,000,000 procrastinators.

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