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Forced Order
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Uncomfortable MoralMusical
Different races can't get along.
If you're slutty, guys will like you.
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll can be political commentary if you have enough naked people.
Following your boyfriend to law school can be empowering.
Oppressive capitalism works.
If you commit bestiality just once, you'll snag a hot, rich prince.
Abandon psychiatric expertise and head for the mountains!
AIDS can be fun if you sing about it.
Oh my god, Bernadette Peters.
Getting away with murder is easy if you dance about it.
It's not easy being green.
Grab a cougar, and she'll fund your show.
If you try to achieve your dreams, a giant will fall on your house.
Uncomfortable MoralMusical
Obsessing over a musical is a healthy way to deal with your problems.
Arranged marriages are the only way to be happy.
Fulfill your dreams by becoming a stripper.
Slavery is the path to true love.
Your twin will always stick beside you, as long as you're conjoined.
If you teach kids about sex, they will get pregnant and die.
Stalking is okay if you're poor.
Stalking is okay if you're Italian.
Don't take care of your houseplants. They might be evil.
Jews don't belong in the south.
Inviting your mom's ex-lovers to your wedding is a great idea.
Beware of Angela Lansbury bearing pies.

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