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HintAnswerAnother Hint ^_^
Sasuke's Father
Akatsuki's Youngest Member'Art is a blast!'
Sakura's rivalHas a crush on an Uchiha
Sand Siblings Former Leader
Main Character'Believe it!'
'Pervy Sage'Legendary Sannin
Copy Ninja's Female teammate
Has a crush on the Main CharacterByakugan
Zabuza's apprentice Kekkei Genkai
Sandaime Hokage's sonSmokes
Sasuke's Mother
Twins in Sound Four
Main Character's RivalFormer Team 7
Godaime's temporary substitute
Can only use TaijutsuGreen jumpsuit
Love to eat chips
Hinata's BrotherByakugan
Demon of the Hidden Mist
Shogi's master'What a drag'
Itachi's partner
HintAnswerAnother Hint ^_^
The Yellow FlashYondaime Hokage
Main Character's Mother Red Hot-Blooded Habanero
Main Character's Former Teacher
Red haired girl Team Taka's only girl
Akatsuki's SpyVenus
Taka's Strongest Member
Godaime HokageLegendary Sannin
Sasuke's substituteLove to paint, no emotion
Killed his clanMissing Nin
Kakashi's RivalLee's teacher
Team 7's TeacherCopy Ninja
Sound Four's only female Flute
Sandaime Hokage's grandson
Sandaime Hokage
Akatsuki's Puppet Master
The only female in Team 7Medical Kunoichi
Akatsuki's only femalePaper
Akatsuki's Leader
Weapon masterTeam Guy
Akatsuki's MemberLove Money

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