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Can you name the US TV shows by their series finales?

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Series Ending
It's New Years Eve in 1979, so obviously this show must end.
Two FBI agents are hiding out in a motel in New Mexico to escape what will happen on December 22nd, 2012.
A ship captain sits down to play cards with his crew. 'Five Card Stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit.'
A young boy at Harvard puts away his janitorial equipment and rushes off to class, while his mother finds out that she is pregnant with her 6th child.
The cast discovers a new home world, and they name it Earth.
A man knocks on a bar door, but the bartender tells him 'Sorry, we're closed.'
A family enjoys a seemlingly quiet dinner at a restaurant. They never stopped believ-
Three of the old friends decide to stay together as roommates, while the fourth moves away to Atlanta after her wedding day.
As the helicopter lifts off, the man on board sees the word 'Goodbye' written out in stones on the ground.
All of the title character's old enemies unite to exact their revenge on him. Good thing the title character has his kung-fu fists of fury.
Series Ending
The main characters are all arrested and put in jail for a year.
Flashforwards of some milestone events in the main characters' lives and, ultimately, their deaths.
The title character remains in California for college while his Aunt and Uncle move away, and one of his cousins goes to Princeton.
Two characters adopt twins and move away from the city, while two other reignite their on again, off again relationship.
A young former cheerleader finally destroys the demon portal beneath her town.
A man chooses to move to Indiana with his entire house in the ultimate home project, but whether it is just his imagination or not is left up to you!
A young autistic boy puts down a snowglobe that contains a replica of a hospital.
A bloodied, babbling Agent Cooper looks into a mirror, while laughing maniacally.
The butler and the business associate finally get married as the title character gives birth to twins in an elevator.
A man wakes up from a dream in which he owned an inn in a small town.

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