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Course of study in a school or collegeGress (Grad)
Means of going out; exitGress (Grad)
Dead bodyCorp
Communicated in trust; secret; privateFid
Now in progress; prevailingCur (Curr, Curs)
Belief as to the truth of somethingCred (Credit)
Made or carried out in good faith; genuineFid
Lead; guide; escortDuc (Duct)
Ungrateful personGrat
Means of reminding us of a person or eventMon (Monit)
Oppress; harass; annoySecut (Sequ)
Of no consequence; trivial; unimportantSecut (Sequ)
Conveying a gentle reproofMon (Monit)
Issue a contrary orderMan (Mandat)
UndertakerMor (Mort)
Dying; near deathMor (Mort)
Without charge or paymentGrat
Send ('order') backMan (Mandat)
General collection or body of writings, laws, etc.Corp
Lead on; move by persuasionDuc (Duct)

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