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Can you name the correct answers to these Rise Against themed questions?

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[1] How many members make up Rise Against?
[2] What was the band's original name?
[3] From what US city does the band originate?
[4] What was the name of their first full-length album?
[5] On what record label were their first two albums released?
[6] Which member of the band has a pizza tattoo?
[7] Who is the only member that doesn't lead a straight-edge lifestyle?
[8] Who was replaced by Zach Blair as guitarist in 2007?
[9] What is the surname of the lead singer, Tim?
[10] What is the name of the band's first DVD?
[11] What 2009 song was inspired by a Roald Dahl story?
[12] What song featured in Rise Against's first music video?
[13] Which song from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' did Rise Against cover?
[14] Can you name the song that has been played the most live?
[15] What is the band's most-viewed song on YouTube?
[16] What song was part of the 'It Gets Better' project?
[17] What band have Rise Against covered twice in official releases?
[18] Can you name both of the songs they covered by them?
[19] Which album is 'Amber Changing' on?
[20] 'Historia Calamitatum' is a bonus track on which album?
[21] Name the song: 'But the memories that haunt us, I'll cherish just the same'
[22] 'Faith alone is all we need to traverse this burning bridge'
[23] 'As the desperate cries grow louder, I know we're getting close'
[24] 'I watched the world crumble away. Is this the end of yesterday?'
[25] 'You're the new revolution, the angst-filled adolescent'
[26] Fill in the blanks: 'Do you care to be the layer of the _________ your fate' (3)
[27] One last thing, ____________, just before you go' (4)
[28] 'It was the perfect night, then you had to go and _______________' (5)
[29] 'I have travelled in darkness, _______________' (5)
[30] 'Can I pretend you don't exist, __________________?' (6)
[BONUS QUESTION] What Bob Dylan song did Rise Against cover in late 2011?

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