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Mother of Leafpool and Squirrelflight
Poppyfrost's mate
Ferncloud's last male kit
Daisy's male kit, not Toadstep
Brightheart's brother
Ivypool's mother
Berrynose's mate
Daisy's second mate
Brightheart's second she-cat kit
Was crippled by a tree
Bumblestripe's sister
Works with Jayfeather
Spiderleg's son
Deputy of ThunderClan
Born with the Power of the Stars in his paws
Dovewing's father
Dovewing's mate
Came from the horseplace
Ferncloud's mate
Former kittypet
Leader of ThunderClan
Medicine Cat of ThunderClan
Poppyfrost's son
Seedkit's sister
Ferncloud's last she kit
Former loner, helped on the journey to the sun-drown place
Daisy's second she-cat kit
Used to live in the horse place, Daisy's first she-cat kit
Lionblaze's mate
Was the Dark Forest's best warrior
Poppyfrost's daughter
Mille's mate; Firestar's best friend
Graystripe's former apprentice
Born with the Power of the Stars in her paws
One of Btightheart's male kits
Another on of Brightheart's male kits
White tom, Princess's son
Her mother, Sorreltail died
Got attacked by dogs; Coudtail's mate

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