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Where we go to see plays
Picture fram style theatre
Cut out to make icture via light
Stage left and right off stage area
Above the stage where instruments are hung from
Turning/moving part of stage usually a circle
Curtain that hides the wing space from the audience on sides
Large (usually white) piece of canvas that can make up the back of the stage and light can be projected onto it
Not usually back stage but behind audience seating for controls of lights, sound and cues
the environment that the actors play on
Arial view of a set
Where we go to see plays
Shows where lights are hung, focused and lit
Where the actors get into costume
Light that is manually operated to light actor in specific locations on stage
Where technicians can adjust hangs from above
curtain that moves across the stage to hide all action on stage
Term used for anything hung to be flown in or out
Masks lighting from audience above
In front of the proscenium stage piece
Stage where audience can view stage from fornt and sides
Where audience can see action from all around the stage

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