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Vaseline is safe to use with latex condoms
HIV attacks the cells of the respiratory system
Crabs or pubic lice feed on human blood
Chlamydia is curable
It is always good to keep a condom in your wallet
The clitoris is the only human organ that exists for pleasure
Having sex while on her period makes it impossible for a woman to get pregnant
People can contract a sexually transmitted disease through exchanging bodily fluids
Lambskin condoms only protect against pregnancy
If washed carefully, a condom can be used safely over and over
Birth control pills are effective in proventing sexually transmitted disease
Douching after sex will wash out the sperm and protect against pregnancy
Teenagers can get birth control pills from family planning clinics and doctors without permission from a parent
Trichomooniasis is the most common curable STD
At least 80 percent of sexually active people are infected with HPV at some point in their lives
HPV is a bacteria
Girls can not get pregnant before having their first period
The 'pull out' method is 100% effective
The average speed of ejaculate during a male orgasm is 28 mph
The morning after pill is an abortion pill
20%-25% of the total adolescent and adult population in the United States, is infected with genital herpes
Girls can get pregnant the first time they have sex
A woman can't use an IUD unless she has had a child
A condom should be pulled on tight, leaving no space at the tip

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