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QUIZ: Can you name the Pokémon given by the clues (name or number)?

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Pokémon Yellow starter Pokémon?
...follows which Pokémon in the National Pokédex? based on the same animal as which Generation 3 Pokémon? mortal enemies with which Pokémon?
...shares its ability, Immunity, with which Generation 1 Pokémon? the heaviest non-Legendary Pokémon apart from which Pokémon?
...precedes which Pokémon in the National Dex?
...has a Defense base stat beaten only by which Pokémon?
...has the lowest Special Attack stat, tied with which non-Baby Pokémon?
...shares its species name and base stat total with which Pokémon?
...requires only one loop to catch in Pokémon Ranger, like which non-Baby Pokémon? in Pokémon Ruby, and its parallel in Pokémon Sapphire is which Pokémon?
...has a 4x resistance to water, like which non-Grass type, non-Legendary Pokémon? the only Pokémon of its type in Generation 2, like which other Pokémon?
...shares its ability, Levitate, which which other Generation 2 Pokémon?
...has a movepool size shared by which Generation 1 Pokémon? able to breed, yet unobtainable by breeding, like which other genderless Pokémon?
...can learn the move Acid Armor, like which 1st Generation Pokémon of the same type?
...evolves from which Pokémon?
...always evolves into a Pokémon with 'eon' on the end, but which other Normal type Pokémon also ends with 'eon'?
...has the ability Color Change, which is similar to the move Conversion 2, which can be used by which Generation 4 Pokémon? a fully evolved three-stage Pokémon capable of being Level 1, like which other Pokémon?
...has the highest Special Attack of all Grass types, tied with which other Pokémon?
...can have the Ability Harvest, like which Flying type Pokémon? exactly the same height and weight as which other Grass type Pokémon? a Grass type Pokémon, but what is the next Grass type Pokémon in Pokédex order? in Pokémon Red, and its parallel in Pokémon Green is which Pokémon?
...shares the first letter of its name and the whole of its species name with which Pokémon? shorter than its pre-evolution, like which Poison type Pokémon? the fastest Ghost type Pokémon, tied with which other?

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