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ASpike, Specter, Yellow Monkey
BJack, Atlas, Big Daddy
CFrog, Lucca, Marle
DIsaac, Kendra, Nicole
EMonkey, Pigsy, Trip
FSnow, Hope, Vanille
GDom, Baird, Augustus
HEmile, Kat, Carter
IZeke, Trish, John
JKeira, Gol, Daxter
KXemnas, Axel, Roxas
LAvalon, Clive, Negativitron
MBaraka, Sub-Zero, Goro
NBowser, Yoshi, Luigi
OIssun, Amaterasu, Waka
PWheatley, Chell, P-Body
QCoily, Ugg, Wrong-Way
RDrek, Clank, Qwark
SWander, Valus, Mono
TShockwave, Ratchet, Ironhide
UElena, Sully, Chloe
VSilvia, Captain Blue, Alastor
WWario, Mike, Ashley
XCyclops, Gambit, Toad
YYoshi, Kamek, Baby Mario
ZTiger, Elephant, Janitor

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