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Can you name the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode names (Seasons 1 & 2)?

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Charlie and Mac try to prove that they are not racist
Mac and Dennis feign being against abortion so they can pick up women
Dee, Dennis and Charlie get asked to the prom
Charlie announces that he's dying of cancer
In the wake of a robbery, the guys buy a gun
When an old man is found dead in Paddy's, Mac and Dennis vie for the affection of his attractive granddaughter
When news of a former gym teacher getting arrested for molesting his students hits, Charlie suddenly gets nervous
The gang decides to feign disabilities in order to garner sympathy from others
An Israeli businessman buys a neighboring property of the bar
Dennis and Dee get hooked on crack cocaine so they can apply for welfare
Mac has sex with Dennis's mother and Charlie hatches a plan to get close to The Waitress
Frank trains Dee for a boxing match against the daughter of his old boxing foe
Mac, Dennis, and Dee are sentenced to teach inner-city children how to play basketball
The gang finds a water stain in the office that resembles the Virgin Mary
The gang decides to help Dennis run for the position of a local comptroller
Mac, Dennis, and Frank turn Paddy's Pub into an 'anything goes' bar
Dennis and Dee discover the MySpace page of the man who turns out to be their real father

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