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Can you name the four-letter words in this time-themed ladder?

Quiz Updated Oct 25, 2015

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Hint4-Letter Word
* 365 days *
Use clothing
Lacking strength
* 7 days *
Look for
Leak slowly, ooze
Part of a staircase
* ____: Hammer Time! *
Pack away
Icy cold precipitation
Nose mucus, informally
Chimney grime
* Any minute now *
* Common lunchtime *
Secluded spot
Fishing line attachment
Goose sound
'Let's Make a Deal' booby prize
* EST or PST: time ____ *
* International Date ____ *
Hint4-Letter Word
Green citrus fruit
* Clock reading *
A spare is often in the trunk
Potentially disastrous
* A particular day, month, and year *
* Tardy *
Erie or Huron
* Analog watch or clock part *
Hand part
Young cow
* 3:30, or ___ past three*
Bottom of a boat
Temporary quiet interval
'To Sir With Love' singer
* Coordinated Universal or Military time *

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