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AlbumSong NameLyrics
Billy Talent 3I hold your casket
Dead SilenceRaise your voice like a weapon
Billy Talent 1Bulletproof your Limousine
Billy Talent 2Can't you hear them?
Billy Talent 3When the angels sing
Dead SilenceDon't stop for a breath until they're above our heads
Billy Talent 2Don't make it all okay it's not okay.
Billy Talent 1We're breaking up the city
Dead SilenceIf your spirit gives up, don't surrender your love
Billy Talent 3Be strong enough, to hold onto us.
AlbumSong NameLyrics
Dead SIlencePut me on an aeroplane
Billy Talent 1Fight with the young girls
Billy Talent 2Our only hope is the minds of kids
Dead SilenceRacing caskets in the sky
Billy Talent 3My bitter heart in pumping oil into my veins
Billy Talent 1Don't you tell me what you think is right
Billy Talent 2Searching until my hands bleed
Dead SilenceNo more time to kill tomorrow
Billy Talent 3Scared of my reflection
Billy Talent 2Ctrl alt deleted

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