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Luke was born on A. Tatooine, B. Polis Massa, C. Naboo, or D. Alderaan?
Luke's callsign in Red Squadron is A. Red 4, B. Red Leader, C. Red 2, or D. Red 5?
Luke's sister is A. Padme, B. Corde, C. Leia, or D. Jaina?
He is attacked by a A. Rancor, B. Wampa, C. Dewback, or D. Dia Noga on Hoth.?
Luke is 'a little _____ for a stormtrooper.' A. skinny, B. fat, C. short, D. tall?
Luke's lightsaber in Return of the Jedi is A. green, B. blue, C. red, or D. purple?
Luke is A. 25, B. 16, C. 37, or D. 19 when he destroys the Death Star.?
The actor who portrays Luke is A. Denis Lawson, B. Alec Guiness, C. Mark Hamill, or D. Hayden Christensen?
Luke says, 'I am a ____, like my father before me.' A. human, B. Jedi, C. rebel, or D. pilot?
Luke's callsign as a Hoth scout is A. Echo 7, B. Echo 5, C. Echo 3, or D. Echo 1?
Before joining the Rebellion, Luke flied his A. Y-wing, B. X-wing, C. cargo freighter, or D. T-16 on Tatooine.?
Luke's best friend from Tatooine is A. Wedge Antilles, B. Biggs Darklighter, C. Dack Ralter, or D. John 'Dutch' Vander?
Luke's A. right hand, or B. left hand is cut off by Darth Vader?
During his youth, Luke lives with his aunt and uncle, who are A. nerf herders, B. bounty hunters, C. mechanics, or D. moisture farmers?

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