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Can you name the Top 100 Table hockey players in Norway? World ranking points. PS: Also including foreign players living in Norway

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Trondheim BHK3 558
Brent Plast BHK3 314
Jaren Bordhockey3 083
Jaren Bordhockey3 033
Trondheim BHK3 026
Trondheim BHK2 944
Brent Plast BHK2 932
Jaren Bordhockey2 862
Brent Plast BHK2 824
Brent Plast BHK2 822
Jaren Bordhockey2 819
Bergen Bordhockey2 696
Stigarevolusjonen2 650
Jaren Bordhockey2 650
Brent Plast BHK2 586
Bergen Bordhockey2 546
Bergen Bordhockey2 492
Tonsberg BHK2 487
Trondheim BHK2 479
Bergen bordhockey2 310
Brent Plast BHK2 189
Jaren Bordhockey2 112
Jaren Bordhockey2 018
Jaren Bordhockey1 892
Minde Muthapuckers1 860
Minde Muthapuckers1 843
Stigarevolusjonen1 764
Bergen Bordhockey1 759
Jaren Bordhockey1 671
Jaren Bordhockey1 612
PuckHoggers1 588
Trondheim BHK1 510
Jaren Bordhockey1 486
Jaren Bordhockey1 460
Minde Muthapuckers1 444
Tonsberg BHK1 373
Jaren Bordhockey1 295
Brent Plast BHK1 260
Kvernaland BHK1 219
BHK Graaveir1 212
Brent Plast BHK1 144
Kvernaland BHK1 099
Minde Muthapuckers1 051
BHK Graaveir1 020
Kvernaland BHK893
Trondheim BHK843
Dannede Herrers Selskab806
Jaren Bordhockey768
Trondheim BHK738
1 & 1674
Jaren Bordhockey656
Trondheim BHK600
Dannede Herrers Selskab557
Minde Muthapuckers544
Bergen Bordhockey540
Brent Plast BHK526
Lindas Puckskyverlag521
Jaren Bordhockey511
Havoy Puckers 71511
Trondheim BHK504
BHK Graaveir502
Skien Powerpucks496
Bergen Bordhockey495
Bizarro City492
Tonsberg BHK488
Havoy Puckers 71482
BSI Bordhockey479
Kvernaland BHK433
Jaren Bordhockey372
Brent Plast BHK368
Brent Plast BHK361
Trondheim BHK351
Westpoint Vampires341
Risvollan BHK333
Dannede Herrers Selskab323
BSI Bordhockey286
Brent Plast BHK270
BSI Bordhockey259
BSI Bordhockey257
Brent Plast BHK243
Onnai BHK232
Trondheim BHK212
BSI Bordhockey203
Svarstad Ghosts196
Isotop BHK173
Kvernaland BHK173
Brent Plast BHK165
Brent Plast BHK162
BHK Graaveir158
BSI Bordhockey150

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