Top 100 Table hockey players in Norway (per 19.09.17)

Can you name the Top 100 Table hockey players in Norway? World ranking points. PS: Also including foreign players living in Norway

Trondheim BHK3 558
Brent Plast BHK3 341
Jaren Bordhockey3 083
Trondheim BHK3 023
Jaren Bordhockey3 000
Brent Plast BHK2 996
Jaren Bordhockey2 949
Brent Plast BHK2 891
Trondheim BHK2 875
Brent Plast BHK2 856
Jaren Bordhockey2 752
Stigarevolusjonen2 651
Jaren Bordhockey2 650
Bergen Bordhockey2 635
Brent Plast BHK2 603
Bergen Bordhockey2 573
Tonsberg BHK2 488
Trondheim BHK2 360
Bergen Bordhockey2 347
Brent Plast BHK2 241
Bergen bordhockey2 238
Jaren Bordhockey2 121
Jaren Bordhockey1 975
Minde Muthapuckers1 845
Jaren Bordhockey1 836
Minde Muthapuckers1 830
Stigarevolusjonen1 764
Bergen Bordhockey1 722
Jaren Bordhockey1 536
PuckHoggers1 528
Trondheim BHK1 515
Jaren Bordhockey1 512
Jaren Bordhockey1 487
Minde Muthapuckers1 447
Brent Plast BHK1 445
Jaren Bordhockey1 399
Tonsberg BHK1 363
Jaren Bordhockey1 258
Kvernaland BHK1 226
BHK Graaveir1 216
Brent Plast BHK1 150
Minde Muthapuckers1 070
Kvernaland BHK1 052
BHK Graaveir997
Kvernaland BHK900
Trondheim BHK843
Dannede Herrers Selskab807
Jaren Bordhockey789
Jaren Bordhockey739
Trondheim BHK739
Havoy Puckers 71669
Havoy Puckers 71620
Trondheim BHK603
BHK Graaveir593
Brent Plast BHK584
Brent Plast BHK577
Jaren Bordhockey573
Dannede Herrers Selskab557
Bergen Bordhockey523
Trondheim BHK511
Minde Muthapuckers511
Skien Powerpucks499
Tonsberg BHK489
Lindas Puckskyverlag483
Bergen Bordhockey462
Brent Plast BHK443
Jaren Bordhockey441
Kvernaland BHK433
Bizarro City420
Jaren Bordhockey377
Trondheim BHK352
BSI Bordhockey350
Risvollan BHK334
Dannede Herrers Selskab324
Brent Plast BHK320
Brent Plast BHK319
BSI Bordhockey296
Westpoint Vampires265
Onnai BHK233
BHK Graaveir220
Trondheim BHK212
BSI Bordhockey207
Isotop BHK207
BSI Bordhockey201
Brent Plast BHK198
Svarstad Ghosts194
Brent Plast BHK194
BSI Bordhockey191
Brent Plast BHK191
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