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can be used to ensure that a date is entered in a certain way
data type for a phone number
a search for records that can be saved
data type that creates a dropdown list
a unique identifier
everything about one person in a table
used on websites to allow customers to enter data
a good primary key field that fills in automatically
default value for a yes/no field
when you select a record and then search for all the other records like it
when you search for all the records except certain ones
what is entered in a cell in a table
line that shows the relationship between 2 tables
insures that you can't delete a record in one table if a related record exists in another table
every database has to have at least one of these
in a query used to find all the checking account balances of at least $1000
would use in a query to find all of the records except those with 'NC' in the state field
data type used for money
can be used to enter miscellaneus information in a table
print orientation if you had many fields and only a few records

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