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Can you name the famous works of literature portrayed in the TV show 'Wishbone'?

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Episode TitleBased OnAuthor
A Tail in TwainMark Twain
Twisted TailCharles Dickens
Rosie, Oh! Rosie, Oh!William Shakespeare
Homer Sweet HomerHomer
The Slobbery HoundSir Arthur Conan Doyle
Digging Up the PastWashington Irving
Bone of ArcMark Twain
The Impawssible DreamMiguel de Cervantes
Fleabitten BargainChristoper Marlowe
Sniffing the GauntletSir Walter Scott
The Hunchdog of Notre DameVictor Hugo
Golden RetrievedGeorge Eliot
A Tale of Two SittersCharles Dickens
FrankenboneMary Shelley
Hot Diggity DawgJules Verne
Mixed BreedsRobert Louis Stevenson
Bark to the FutureH.G. Wells
Furst ImpressionsJane Austen
The Prince and the PoochMark Twain
The Count's AccountAlexandre Dumas
Salty DogRobert Louis Stevenson
A Terrified TerrierStephen Crane
ShakespawWilliam Shakespeare
Muttketeer!Alexandre Dumas
Pantin' at the OperaGaston Leroux
The Legend of Creepy CollarsWashington Irving
The Prince of WagsWilliam Shakespeare
Groomed for GreatnessCharles Dickens
Pup FictionJane Austen
The Roamin' NoseVirgil

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