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Category (First Letter)NounDescription
Food (S)Lettuce not knock the vegetarians.
Place (S)California's City by the Bay. Where many hearts are left.
Place (S)Geological feature in California stretching 600 miles. Like the state doesn't have enough faults already.
Place (S)Sixth planet from the sun, and the second largest in the solar system. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
Entertainment (S)If they're so funny, WHY THE LAUGH TRACK?
Activity (S)Parachute canopies are usually made from nylon fabric that lasts for thousands of jumps - whether the adventurer does or not.
Food/Technology (S)Mystery meat, or mystery E-mails ...
Body (S)Ladies and gentlemen, straight from the Salivary Glands ...
Activity (S)If you can't lick 'em, collect 'em.
Event (S)Aw, gee whiz, a blue ribbon for Bessie!
Person (S)1947- , American author of horror novels, who's sold more than 100 million copies of his books. Talk about frightening ...
Person (S)1947-, American movie director and producer, and overachiever. From E.T. to Schindler's List... too many to list.
Thing/Food (S)It's a sandwich shaped like a boat, or a boat shaped like a sandwich.
People (S)Usually weigh 300-400 pounds and win by forcing an opponent out of the ring.
People (S)Long legs = big bucks.
Food (S)Guess it comes from holey cows ...
People (T)'No, thank you ... No, I'm not interested ... No, I have to go now ...'
Person (T)1847-1931, American inventor, developed a light bulb, generator, sound-recorder, and motion picture projector. Show off.
Thing/event (T)It sank in 1912. Get over it!
Body (T)'This little piggy went to market ...'
Category (First Letter)NounDescription
Person (T)1962-, American actor. It looked like Ricky Business early on, but by 1986 he was Top Gun. No Mission Impossible for him.
Person (T)Who knows what they do with all those baby teeth.
Place (T)Also known as tornado magnets.
Thing (T)Used in circuses since the 18th century. Despite slumps in popularity, they always seem to bounce back!
People (T)'Environmentalists' to the left. 'Wackos' to the right.
People (T)Beam them up, PLEASE!
Animal (T)Large carnivorous dinosaur of the latter part of the Mesozoic era. My, what big teeth you have!
Clothing (U)Keep it clean and brief.
Place (V)The Papal State in the middle of Rome. Home of the Pope, Swiss Guards, and lots of pigeons.
Thing (V)A hook-and-loop fastener that can really grab you.
Medical (V)It works for Bob Dole, it'll work for you.
Nature (V)Vents in the crust of the earth from which steam, debris and molten rock spew, with explosive results.
Food (W)Like pancakes with built-in syrup cups.
Food (W)Mainly used in flour. World output is more than 600 million metric tons a year ... so someone's making a lot of dough.
Entertainment (W)American TV game show. BIG MONEY! BIG MONEY!.
Person (W)1950-, American actor and comedian. Starred in such movies as Ghost, which earned her an Academy Award. Whoopee!
Event/Animal (W)The 1969 love, music and mud festival attended by 400,000. Or, the little yellow bird.
People (Z)Undead ghouls that feed off of brains. So WE'RE safe . . .
Place (Z}'Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!'
Food (Z)A squashed vegetable.

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