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Medical (M)Degenerative brain disorder in cattle. The reason they don't know enough to come in out of the rain?
Person (M)1926-62, American movie star, pinup and sex symbol. Just ask the Kennedys.
Place (M)The fourth planet from the sun. Where men come from.
Food (M)Large and intimidating - the dish, not the singer.
Person (M)1958-2009, American popular singer, dancer, and songwriter. Welcome to Neverland.
Person (M)1963- , American professional basketball legend, led Chicago to six world championships. No bull.
Person (M)1966- , American heavyweight boxer. Lend him your ear ...
Food (M)Three glasses a day will give you ... the gratitude of the dairy industry.
Place/Food (M)The galaxy that includes the sun, its solar system, and a chewy layer of caramel.
Activity (M)You don't have to be miniature to play!
Thing (M)And now, a moment for reflection.
Nature (M)Fuzzy growth produced on organic matter by several types of fungi. Particularly attracted to students' refrigerators.
People (M)Why do you hang around with those stiffs?
Animals (M)They suck.
Place (M)Memorial carved into the side of the Black Hills in South Dakota. Heads above all other monuments.
Food/Event (M)Chocolate drink or natural disaster ... both occur frequently in California.
Entertainment (N)American tabloid newspaper. Inquiring minds want to know ... Why the heck does this thing sell?
People (N)Teenage mutant turtles need not apply.
Thing (N)Established by Alfred Nobel. Swedish industrialist and inventor of dynamite. Led to an explosion of peace efforts.
Politics (N)They're gunning for your vote.
Thing/Event (O)The American oil tanker, Exxon Valdez, went aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, Mar. 24, 1989. Slick move.
Event/Activity (O)It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. Unfortunately, sometimes, not even then.
Animals (P)Flightless, aquatic birds that reside in the Southern Hemisphere. All dressed up and no place to go.
Thing (P)Heads or tails?
Animals (P)Birds with small heads, short necks, stout bodies, and an incredible attraction to statues.
Body (P)Just in time for school pictures.
Nature (P)Itching for a walk in the woods?
Animals (P)The only breed that is better groomed than their owners.
Animals (P)Quill-bearing rodents that can leave you in a prickly situation.
Person (P)The perfect man ... mythical, of course.
People (P)'And how do you FEEL about that?'
Food/Clothing/Thing (P)Exercises, a type of bra, or the ice cream treat.
Place/Thing (P)Built in Egypt from about 2700 BC to about 1000 BC. Tut, tut, tut ...
Activity (R)More than one million tons of aluminum are throw away each year. Where do you throw your cans?
Thing/Place (R)First stop after school.
Technology (R)The world's handiest invention. That is, if you can find it.
People/Politics (R)A U.S. political party symbolized by an elephant ... and don't forget it!
Person (R)1913-94, 37th President of the United States and the only president to have resigned from office. At least that's what the tapes say ...
Person (R)1948-, American fitness guru famous for his extroverted style, short shorts and Sweatin' to the Oldies.
Thing (R)There's a I in VII chance you'll know them.

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