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QUIZ: Can you name the Noun by its Apples to Apples description (E-L)??

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Body (E)A waxy, yellowish substance that protects the ear from dust, bacteria, and from hearing things you don't want to hear.
Animal (E)Nocturnal insects with abdominal pincers. Nothing to do with ears or wigs.
Food (E)Crunchy rolls filled with vegetables and meat. Available at Chinese restaurants.
Animal (E)Slippery and slimy snakelike fishes that emit electrical charges. The shocking truth!
Person (E)1935-77, American singer and actor and the king of rock-and-roll. His death left the music world all shook up.
People (E)Bugs, rats and vermin. It's time for chemical warfare.
Event (F)Dad? Dad? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we? Huh? Dad?
Food (F)You want fries with that?
Nature (F)Viagra for the garden.
Clothing (F)Pick your plaid.
Shoes (F)It's the sound they make when you walk.
Food (F)'You will soon eat a flat, dry, tasteless cookie . . .'
Event (F)'Independence Day' in the United States. 'Thank Goodness We Got Rid of Them Day' in Britain.
Person (F)Ooh, la, la!
Activity (F)Introduced to the market in 1948. Take one for a spin.
Clothing/People (F)Lint ... Policemen ... Whatever ...
Body (G)Where excess bile is stored. Stored for what, we don't know.
Thing (G)A restaurant for raccoons.
Place (G)Population unknown. Inhabitants are quite spirited.
Animal (G)Can grow to 18 feet tall and have been known to kill a lion with a single kick. Not just another pretty face.
People (G)I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful... and sell lots of cookies.
Food/Animal (G)The pet, the carnival prize, or the snack cracker.
Clothing (G)Hula loves you, baby?
Thing (H)Cough it up, kitty ...
Place (H)'What? Like it's hard?' - Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blond
Person (H)1880-1968, American author and lecturer who overcame deafness and blindness with the help of her companion, Anne Sullivan.
Person (H)Fictional cartoon character created by Matt Groening. D'oh!
Animal (H)Why do they hum? Because they don't know the words ... ... da-dum, dum!
Person (I)Fictional archeologist and action hero. Proof that a good hat and a whip can take you a long way.
Government (I)Agency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury responsible for collecting taxes. A human audity.
Person (J)Fictional British secret agent created by English author Ian Fleming. Shaken, but never stirred.
Food (J)Now available in 50 different flavors. Well, as long as we HAVE to eat our vegetables ...
Person (J)Ms. Sheindlin presides over real-life cases on this TV courtroom show. 'I'm the boss, applesauce!'
Clothing (K)If Mel Gibson can wear one, so can you.
People (K)If they're supposed to be the master race, why do they keep misspelling 'Clan'?
People (L)We'd throw some joke in here, but we're afraid of getting sued.
Nature (L)Electrical discharge between rain clouds, or between a rain cloud and the earth, or between a rain cloud and an idiot with a kite.
Body/Medical (L)Fatty tissue? That sucks...
Food (L)Sucker!
Place (L)LA LA Land.

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