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Can you name the Noun by its Apples to Apples description (A-D)?

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PeopleThey're not from around here. (A)
EntertainmentPBS television program where folks bring oddities for appraisal. One person's trash is another one's treasure.
Person1947-, Austrian born body-builder turned actor. 'My body is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't think about it, I just have it.'
FoodStrained peas and mushy meat. Doesn't that sound good? (B)
EntertainmentA shrill-toned musical instrument consisting of a leather bag and pipes. Also available in plaid.
FoodMonkeys like them a bunch!
PlaceThe haunt of Alfred Hitchcock's psycho, Norman Bates ... and mother, of course ...
Thing'You'll shoot your eye out!'
ThingFor beanbag butts . . .
FoodT w o a l l b e e f p a t t i e s s p e c i a l s a u c e l e t t u c e c h e e s e p i c k l e s o n i o n s o n a s e s a m e s e e d b u n .
AnimalIt's bad luck if they cross your path. You might step in a hairball!
BodyOver $1.6 billion is spent each year on antiperspirants in the United States. That stinks!
PeopleOn my honor, I will do my best... and learn to camp.
BodyIt's all in your head.
People1981-, American singer. From mouseketeer to international pop star.
Thing/EntertainmentMuch like rush hour in Chicago.
ActivityAnother sport hanging on by a thread.
FoodFrom the French word caboche, meaning 'big head.' (C)
AnimalOne hump or two?
ActivityWhen you just have to get s'more nature.
PlaceSlots and slots of fun.
Person1968-, Canadian singer whose heart will go on, and on ...
AnimalA lizard that changes color when frightened -or is that a politician?
PeopleThey sound angelic, but ...
ThingA pair of small, slender sticks used for eating. Just try eating peas.
PeopleLong legs and high kicks!
EntertainmentA game of ups and downs.
Person1930-, American film actor and director, past mayor of Carmel, California. Has earned fistfuls of dollars.
Personc. 69-30 BC, Queen of Egypt, noted for love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, which came back to bite her in the asp.
EventThe post-World War II struggle between the US and its allies, and the former USSR and its allies. Things could have gotten hot.
Animal/PeopleA spotted, red-eyed diving bird -or various friends or family.
PeopleHard hats - hard bodies.
EntertainmentEncompassing styles such as western swing, honky-tonk, bluegrass and rockabilly. Should mention a pickup truck and a dog named 'Bo.'
BodyDry skin on your scalp? Sounds a bit flaky. (D)
Person'Luke ... (wheeze) .. I am ... (wheeze) ... your father ...'
ActivityNooo! Nooooo! Not BAMBI'S MOTHER!
PeopleTheir symbol is the donkey, or ass. Insert your own joke here.
PeopleOver twenty years of education and they're still 'practicing' medicine?
AnimalA large, flightless bird of the island of Mauritius. Discovered by Europeans in 1598, extinct by 1681.
EntertainmentBeat it!

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