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In the US, one person out of about _____ develops narcolepsy.
According to Stanford’s Center for Narcolepsy, globally, narcolepsy’s impact ranges from .2 per thousand to as high as ____ per thousand.
On average it takes over _____ years from onset of symptoms until a diagnosis is established.
Typical onset is between 10 – ____ years of age.
In 1998, researchers discovered that in most cases of narcolepsy with cataplexy, the two brain chemicals called ______ are missing.
It is estimated that there are over 200,000 persons with narcolepsy in the United States; only about _____ of them have been diagnosed.
Narcolepsy has ____ primary symptoms.
Symtpom: _____ Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) is a constant level of drowsiness, sudden sustained episodes of undeniable sleepiness, and brief moments of sleep called Micro Sleep.
For a person without narcolepsy to feel the effects of EDS, she or he would have to stay awake for _____ hours without even a brief nap and then try to function normally.
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The ______ Sleepiness Scale can help measure your level of EDS.
Symptom: ______ involves episodes of bilateral, partial or total, loss of strength or tone to all or part of a person’s voluntary muscles.
Symptom: Sleep ______ is the inability to speak or control any of the voluntary muscles of the body at the onset of sleep or wakefulness.
Symptom: Hypnagogic (at onset of sleep) or Hypnopompic (at onset of wakefulness) ______ are vivid, realistic, and often frightening dreams are experienced at the onset of sleep.
Symptom: _____ Nighttime Sleep (DNS) is the inability to maintain sleep for more than a few hours at a time.
Additional symptom: ______ Behavior (AB) is the performance of tasks that are often routine, dull or repetitive without conscious effort or memory.
Additional symptom: ______ lapses involve difficulty in remembering recent events, actions or words.
Doctors often require a daytime sleep study called an _____ to determine if you have narcolepsy.
Name a famous person with narcolepsy.

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