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Can you name the Smokey Bones' Boneisms by Filling in the Missing Word?

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BoneismMissing WordNumber
'Watching what you eat is a great way to not miss your _____.'N/A
'A nice ______ rub enhances our meat. Stop laughing.'(T-shirt)
'Not all ________ is bad.'(T-shirt)
'______ are awesome because they point out when you have food stuck in your front teeth. Although they'd be more awesome if they had pointed it out about an hour earlier.'(Bathroom)
'There's nothing wrong with asking the person next to you for toilet paper. Unless you stuck your ____ under the stall to do so.'(Bathroom)
'Hovering takes a lot of skill and coordination. Not to mention an exaggerated fear of _____.'(Women's Bathroom)
'Pulled pork jokes never get ______.'No. 0001
'If the _______ʼs too loud, talk louder.'No. 001
'Eye contact. Good in ________. Bad when handling your ______.'No. 002
'You can't rush perfection. You can, however, slowly _____ it over hickory logs for eleven hours.'No. 005
'When you’re in the stall, announce your presence. A ______ will do.'No. 014
'Always have a designated driver. Hang out with _________ people.'No. 036
'_______ are the perfect drink for people who don’t spill things.'No. 065
'Drink _______s. Have a few and you’ll feel _____ too.'No. 090
'Shots are like miniature ponies, small with a powerful ____.'No. 093
'Hate to break it to you _________, but plants are living things too.'No. 100
'Take care of your ______, it’s the only one you’ve got. At least until they perfect cloning.'No. 111
'Dogs? Please. _______ are a manʼs best friend.'No. 199
'Having toilet paper stuck to your _____ in public is good luck. Right, just like when a bird poops on you.'No. 212
'Absence makes the beer grow ______.'No. 221
'_______ before Liquor, never sicker. Liquor before ______, in the clear. Bones' wings in between, more power for the machine.'No. 264
'Never call your server ________. Unless, of course, that is their name.'No. 270
BoneismMissing WordNumber
'Being picked last doesn’t mean no one likes you, it just means no one likes you on their ______.'No. 284
'________. A great way to keep your drinking arm strong.'No. 300
'Tipping your _______ is a nice way to say, “Hey, I’m not a total jerk.''No. 302
'A nice ______ should always be handled with care.'No. 303
'Don’t cry over spilt beer. Unless, of course, you dropped the glass on your foot and you were wearing _______.'No. 311
'Without fire, humans wouldnʼt exist. Without fire-grilling, ______ wouldnʼt exist.'No. 323
'Courtesy ______. It's the right thing to do.'No. 411 (Bathroom)
'In the presence of perfect ______ marks, we should all feel humbled.'No. 453
'Pork. ______ it.'No. 497
'For a good _____, try sitting at a stranger’s table. For a good shiner, try eating their food.'No. 547
'When opportunity knocks, answer. Unless it’s early in the ______. Then tell it to come back later.'No. 555
'______ isn't everything. It does, however, pay for everything.'No. 555
'You can't hit a home run without a _______. So order a ______ and swing for the fences.'No. 756
'______. Important in war, dodgeball and restrooms.'No. 800 (Men's Bathroom)
'When you're in the ______, hang up the call.'No. 800 (Bathroom)
'_______. The greatest invention of humankind. Beer. A close second.'No. 852
'_______ doesn’t make you invincible. It just pays for those moments when you think you are.'No. 911
'People think the ______ was the greatest invention of humankind. But a ______ canʼt cook a steak.'No. 914
'Sometimes _____ forget things. They’re human. Get over it.'No. 999
'Think twice before high-fiving someone in a _______. Not saying don’t do it, just saying think about it.'No. 1776
'Pigskin. Man’s favorite pastime. Pullin’ ______. Man’s second favorite pastime.'No. 6006

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