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Can you name the 100 facts about Ross Geller from Friends?

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QuestionAnswerSeason / Episode
Ross is played by...S01-S10
Name one celebrity Ross put on his 'freebie list'...S03 E05
Ross has a sister...S01-S10
Ross is allergic to 3 things...S02 E06
What 'inappropriate' song Ross sings to make Emma laugh ?S09 E07
What's written on Ross's t-shirt that Rachel wants to keep after they broke up ?S03 E19
Ross is from...S06 E08
Ross's mother is...S01-S10
Ross is aware of any danger that may befall him because he's into...S06 E17
What nickname is Ross given at work because of his anger ?S05 E09
Monica says Ross nickname in highschool was...S05 E09
How many sprays Ross gets in the face in 'TOW Ross's tan' ?S10 E03
Ross has a son...S01-S10
What's the first line of Ross in the show ?S01 E01
What gift Ross made to Phoebe because 'she never had one' ?S07 E09
According to Ross, how many times he and Rachel 'did it' ?S05 E16
To prove Rachel he loved her, Ross had to read her letter in the middle of the night. How many pages was it made of ?S04 E01
Name the club Ross co-founded with Will when they were in highschool...S08 E09
What word Ross is screaming to Chandler and Rachel while they're trying to take his couch upstairs ? S05 E16
In 'TOW the football', Monica says 'Losers walk !', Ross answers...S03 E09
Ross dated one of his student. Her name was...S06 E18
Ross gave nicknames to his students. What was the one he had for her ?S06 E18
Ross's father is...S01-S10
Condoms only work like 97% of the time, and according to Ross, they should put that on the box... how ?S08 E03
What's the name of the cousin who invited Ross to her wedding but not Monica ?S07 E11
What makes Ross look really dangerous according to Emily ?S04 E19
In 'TOW the male nanny', how did Ross react to Sandy's story about the last family he worked for ?S09 E06
Ross lived in Monica's apartment trying to become...S10 E18
Where did Ross kiss Rachel for the first time ?S01 E05
Ross monkey's name was...S01-S03
What's the name of the 'dirty girl' Ross dated ?S04 E06
This girl had a hamster named...S04 E06
The night he helped Rachel to go to the hospital, Ross was supposed to be on TV... for what channel ?S03 E21
Count to five like Ross does...S10 E03
QuestionAnswerSeason / Episode
What was Ross resolution in 'TOW All the resolutions' ?S05 E11
When the movers took all Joey stuff away, what did Ross bring Joey back ?S02 E19
How much did Ross pay for it ?S02 E19
What costume Ross is wearing in 'TOW the Halloween party' ?S08 E06
What's the weirdest place Ross had sex in ?S01 E07
What's the name of the comic book Ross wrote when he was a child ?S09 E15
In 'TO that could have been', Ross sees Rachel in front of a newstand. What magazine is he buying ?S06 E15
The girl who used Ross as a babysitter is...S04 E05
How many times did the name 'Ross' appear in the title of an episode ?S01-S10
Joey :'What ? Ross, Ross, would you tell him? Isn’t that how they measure pants ?' Ross :...S02 E01
Ross and Chandler made a pact in college : they can't go out with...S10 E11
During the ride along with Gary, of which famous movie character did Ross make an impression ?S05 E20
What's the name of Ross's cousin played by Denise Richards ?S07 E19
Just after Ross tried to kiss her, he talked in his head trying to find something clever to say. With what sentence did he break the silence ?S07 E19
Ross became crazy because someone at work ate...S05 E09
What's the name of the professor who fell asleep during Ross's little speech ?S09 E22
What magazine printed Ross's joke ?S06 E12
Thanks to this joke, Ross also received a check for...S06 E12
Just before playing rugby, what Ross said he's got to become ?S04 E15
Ross has fear of...S10 E07
Ross is depressed because Emily got married again, so he has an affair with...S05 E12
How did she address Ross ?S05 E12
This is THE famous line of the show...S04-S10
Ross came back from China with...S02 E01
The son of Mr Zelner is named...S10 E15
What did Emily said at the airport, right after Ross told her he loved her ?S04 E17
Ross gave Chandler his method to have some space when he's in bed with Rachel. What is it ?S03 E03
What's the name of the dance Ross performed with Monica ?S06 E10
What song Ross wants to play using bagpipes at Chandler and Monica's wedding ?S07 E15
What color is the sweater of Ross that proves he's the father of Rachel's baby ?S08 E02
Who got the exact same sweater ?S08 E02
The paleontologist who goes out with Ross after being with Joey is called...S09 E24
When Ross tried to flirt with the pizza delivery girl, what did he told her about ?S05 E19
According to Ross, to become a paleontologist, he had to give up a career in...S06 E06
QuestionAnswerSeason / Episode
Complete this Phoebe song : 'Monica, have a happy Hanukkah. ___________________. And please tell Joey, Christmas will be snowy ! And Rachel and Chandler, have err-umm-glander !'S04 E10
Ross did a list to compare Rachel and Julie. What's the only thing he complained about Julie ?S02 E08
Ross helped Sarah to sell cookies. He sold a lot at midnight, around the NYU dorms. The buyers gave him a nickname. They called him...S03 E10
In the end, how much cookies Ross pretends to have sell ?S03 E10
With what book Ross said he learned some new sex 'moves' ?S10 E17
Name the couple that Ross and Phoebe try to help in 'TOW the engagement picture'...S07 E05
Before they're going to Vegas, Ross wants Joey and Chandler to place a little bet for him... S05 E22
What happened to Ross right after Althea's funeral ?S01 E08
How many times did Ross get married ?S01-S06
In order, he was married to...S01-S06
David Schwimmer played another character during the show, who looks a lot like Ross...S02 E10
When Ross found out about Joey and Rachel, what did he kept repeating ?S10 E02
In 'TOW the prom video', the video showed Ross with a weird physical detail...S02 E14
In 'TOW the cooking class', the cashier at the baby furniture store compared Ross to...S08 E21
Ross dated a girl who lived far away from the city. Where ?S04 E10
When Ross became the new roommate of Chandler and Joey, what did he said on the answering machine ?S05 E07
What's written on Ross's back when he woke up in the same bed than Rachel in Vegas ?S06 E01
What did Chandler post about Ross on the University Website ?S09 E17
When Ross told Ben about Hannukah, what costume was he wearing ?S07 E10
Check it out ! Ugly Naked Guy has a naked friend !S05 E14
Ross daughter's name is...S08-S10
Celia wanted Ross to talk dirty to her, so he came up with the word...S01 E15
Ross and Joey took a nap together for the first time watching what movie ?S07 E06
Ross's fantasy is to make love to Rachel while she's dressed as...S03 E01
What's the first song Ross learned to play on the keyboard ?S06 E12
Where did Ross and Rachel... you know... for the first time ?S02 E15
What did Ross bought himself for his 30th birthday ?S07 E14
According to Ross, what's the taste of Rachel's trifle ?S06 E09
Ross said to Mike that Phoebe already had a long relationship with a guy named...S09 E04
In 'TOW Ross's thing', what's the 'thing' ?S03 E23
What's the name of Ross grandmother who died ?S04 E12
What's the last line of Ross in the show ?S10 E18

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