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Can you name the A Song of Ice and Fire Who Killed Who Game (SPOILERS!)

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GaredA Game of Thrones
Jon ArrynA Game of Thrones
LadyA Game of Thrones
MycahA Game of Thrones
Ser Hugh of the ValeA Game of Thrones
Ser Vardis EgenA Game of Thrones
Viserys III TargaryenA Game of Thrones
Robert BaratheonA Game of Thrones
Ser Raymun DarryA Game of Thrones
Torrhen and Eddard KarstarkA Game of Thrones
Eddard StarkA Game of Thrones
RhaegoA Game of Thrones
Khal DrogoA Game of Thrones
Mirri Maz DuurA Game of Thrones
Maester CressenA Clash of Kings
Beric DondarrionMultiple
Lommy GreenhandsA Clash of Kings
ChiswyckA Clash of Kings
Renly BaratheonA Clash of Kings
Ser Robar RoyceA Clash of Kings
WeeseA Clash of Kings
Ser Cortnay PenroseA Clash of Kings
MikkenA Clash of Kings
Ser Amory LorchA Clash of Kings
Ser Mandon MooreA Clash of Kings
Qhorin HalfhandA Clash of Kings
Krazyns Mo NaklozA Storm of Swords
CrasterA Storm of Swords
Jeor MormontA Storm of Swords
Robb StarkA Storm of Swords
Catelyn StarkA Storm of Swords
Joffrey BaratheonA Storm of Swords
Vargo HoatA Storm of Swords
Donal NoyeA Storm of Swords
Mag the MightyA Storm of Swords
Oberyn MartellA Storm of Swords
PolliverA Storm of Swords
The TicklerA Storm of Swords
ShaeA Storm of Swords
Tywin LannisterA Storm of Swords
Lysa ArrynA Storm of Swords
Gregor CleganeA Feast for Crows
Shagwell, Pyg, TimeonA Feast for Crows
'Nimble' Dick CrabbA Feast for Crows
Ser Arys OakheartA Feast for Crows
RorgeA Feast for Crows
BiterA Feast for Crows
DareonA Feast for Crows
The Second High SeptonA Feast for Crows
OrellA Feast for Crows
DirkA Dance with Dragons
Ollo LophandA Dance with Dragons
Alester FlorentA Dance with Dragons
Ser Patrek of King's MountainA Dance with Dragons
Prince Quentyn MartellA Dance with Dragons
Grand Maester PycelleA Dance with Dragons
Kevan LannisterA Dance with Dragons
Janos SlyntA Dance with Dragons
Rhaegar TargaryenPre Game of Thrones
Brandon and Rickard StarkPre Game of Thrones
Aerys II 'The Mad King' TargaryenPre Game of Thrones

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