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InformationColonyYear, Founder and Region
Established for Trade and profits and was founded as a joint stock company1607, John Smith, Southern
Was set up as a Dutch Colony but then was taken over by English1626, Peter Minuit, Middle
Major trading goods were Fish, lumber and shipbuilding. It was settled by the Dutch1630, John Winthrop, New England
Major trading goods were Fish and Molasses and was established as an escape for those constricted by religious and economic rule 1630, John Mason, New England
Was a slow growing Colony and was founded as a religious haven1634, George Calvert, Middle
Was elected by colonist. Leaders of this colony had asked Hooker to leave.1636, Thomas Hooker, New England
Was the most tolerant colony.1636, Roger Williams, New England
InformationColonyYear, Founder and Region
Were Quakers, the major crop was Tobacco and was established by Sweden.1638, Peter Minuit, Middle
Rice, Tobacco, pitch, and tar from pine trees were the chief crops. Was a joint business venture.1653, Group of Proprietors, Southern
Was given to pay off debts in regaining throne of Charles II, who bestowed land.1660, Lord Berkeley, Middle
Eventually became a royal Colony and was divided. Its major trading goods were Rice, Cattle, Tobacco, Timber.1670, Group of Proprietors, Southern
Was originally Quaker colony,but then became home to many European imigrants1682, William Penn, Middle
Colony kept small because of size of plantations. Had restrictions on blacks.1733, James Oglethorpe, Southern

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