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(203-222) Emperor of Rome whose lavish religious rites and personal habits later made him an icon of the Decadent movement
(1728-1810) French diplomat, soldier and spy who lived the first half of life as a man and the second as a woman
(1792-1865) Surgeon; performed first successful Caesarean section in which both mother and child survived
(1849-1896) Zuni cultural ambassador and religious figure
(1882-1931) Painter; one of the first known recipients of sex reassignment surgery
(1914-1989) Jazz pianist and bandleader
(1926-1989) First person to receive hormone therapy as part of sex reassignment surgery
(1934-) Tennis player denied entry into US Open under women-born-women rule; New York Supreme Court reversed ban in victory for trans rights
(1937-) Arranger and keyboard player for Jethro Tull
(1939-) Electronic composer and musician who wrote the soundtrack to the film 'A Clockwork Orange'
(1948-) Mayor of Silverton, Oregon; first openly transgender politician in USA
(1949-) Writer: novel 'Stone Butch Blues' and LGBT history columns 'Lavender & Red' in Workers World newspaper
(1949-) Olympic decathlete
(1954-) Neurobiologist; author of 'Does gender matter?' in Nature magazine exploring bias against women in science
(1957-2009) Los Angeles Times sportswriter and writer of 'Woman in Transition' blog
(1958-) Author of 'She's Not There' and 'Getting In'
(1962-) Senior technical advisor at US Dept. of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security; first openly trans woman to receive presidential appointment
(1962-) Stand-up comic and actor: 'Dress to Kill,' 'Sexie'
(1965-) and (1967-) Filmmakers: 'The Matrix', 'V for Vendetta'
(1969-) LGBT rights activist with HRC, GLAAD, political campaigner, writer for 'The Advocate'
(1980-) Special Assistant in US Dept. of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy; first openly trans person to receive presidential appointment
(1984-) Actress on 'Orange is the New Black'
(1987-) US military documents leaker

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