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Today, I found out that the 'meteorite' that I've been draggin around is actually a giant ball of crap. FML
Today, I found out the girl I fell in love with in Paris was actually married to some guy named Lazlo the entire time. FML
Today, I found out that the only job I can still get is managing an all womens baseball team. FML
Today, I found out that the witness that I'm transporting has some really creative enemies that have access to a bunch of deadly reptiles. FML
Today, I got drunk with my two best friends and accidentially shot my girlfriends cat. FML
Today, I found out the man I'm engaged to is actually still a teenager and is one of the most wanted 'paper hangers' in America. FML
Today, I had to get back into an illegal business to bail out my kid brother, who took a job he couldn't handle and almost got killed by some British carpenter crime lord. FML
Today, I found out my rich father paid my entire way through every grade of school I was ever in. I now have to retake them. FML
Today, my younger sister's smoking hot friend caught me masturbating in the bathroom. Doesn't anyone ever knock? FML
Today, someone peed on my rug. It really tied the room together too. FML

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