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Can you name the Rock operas/concept albums by their description?

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A suburban kid becomes a revolutionary. Fool
Pigs, dogs, and sheep
Nostalgia for the UK from Australia.
Teen angst and paradise
Conflict, greed, and mental illness
Morning, afternoon and night
A satirical look as US pop culture in the mid-1960s
An adaptation of a classic English SF novel. Ulla!
The death of a messiah
In a world where music is illegal, one man . . .
A dreamer loses his wondrous garment
An adaptation of a classic, very deep, French SF novel
Village life in the UK
A satirical look at the UK music industry, with a transvestite
The journey of a man in the afterlife.
Flash: an evil corporation wants to destroy a town
Multiple personalities, just like the band
An alien tries to present a message of hope via rock music
A concert by a music act you've known for years
Sebastian's life from cradle to grave/the first rock opera (maybe)
English Royal History
A boy dreams of having wings/the first Rock Opera (maybe)
Truth, Knowledge, Culture, and Freedom. And water.
A schoolboy's poem is set to music
A handicapped boy is cured and becomes a messiah
A boy is oppressed by life, the educational system, and sarcasm
Stephen's (and the singer's) very bad dreams.
Mental illness and the music business don't mix.
A radio station broadcast, complete with commercials

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