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Can you name the famous people with the same first and last name?

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Person 1NamePerson 2
Hotel chain founderJazz/Rock tuba player and member of original SNL house band
Welsh pirate/privateerTwo actors. One starred in over 10 TV shows**; the other, a radio comedian*
Cool HOF left fielderRadio announcer & current Internet sensation
US labor activist, memorialized in song*US comics & horror writer*
RAF officer romantically linked to Princess MargaretUK golfer
Original 1962 New York Mets PitcherOriginal 1962 New York Mets Pitcher
Tennis championHorse racing champion
American abolitionistUS heavyweight champ**
English explorer & discoverer of the source of the NileWelsh actor and movie star
US vice presidentFunk musician/band leader
'Fantastik' lyricistWelsh crooner*
Popular movie composerAustralian Classical guitarist
US naval commanderRock bassist
Person 1NamePerson 2
Heavyweight champion boxerSinger/songwriter
Scottish social philosopherUS economics writer*
German opera composer70s British crooner*
US best-selling author of 'Richard Carvel'UK prime minister
HOF golfer, won Grand Slam**Golf course architect
Record producer in Muscle ShoalsDallas Cowboys coach
Soul singer/songwriter known for his stage showsFootball player & actor**
US PresidentMLB third baseman. Played while namesake was president and shares birthday
HOF left fielderStar Wars actor
Chinese Olympic gold medal short track speedskaterChinese Olympic short track speedskater
UK agriculturist; inventor of the seed drillRock band
1920s-30s film director1970s-90s Oscar winning film director

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