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AnagramSong Name
Valley Trio
Men Got His
New Menorah
Whitey Against Odds
Bald Brick
Yearling Robe
Shun Metro Cheese
My Romeo Tofu
Laser Wait Hum
Toeing Etymology Outfit
Leafy Hindi Tea
Oregano Window
Dot Out Achy Ant
Lousy Leaden Olive
Use Ivy Pool
AnagramSong Name
Mythical Kidney Whodunits
No Horny Angels Torn
Hog Trot Emcee
Yup, Witty Gearwheels Mingle
I Boo a Bald Lad
I Run to Love
Why Exit Uniforms?
Hello, Hint of Hotel
Tardy Eyes
Brackish Tunes
Hayseed Wage Kit
Backwater Ripper
Wino Rum Eyeballs
Very Bad Wolf Referrer Sits
Toothy Handrail Wound

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