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Actor/DirectorName of FilmYear/Genre
Walter Huston/D. W. Griffith1930/Biography
Charlton Heston,Karen Black/J. Smight1974/Drama
Frankie Avalon (voice)/Yabushita & Tezuka1961/Anime
Dean Martin, Senta Berger/H. Levin1967/Spy spoof
Richard Burton, Alan Delon/J. Losey1972/Biography
Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepard/P. Bogdonavich1975/Musical
Laurel and Hardy/M. St. Clare1944/Comedy
Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller/G Marshall1966/Comedy
Warren Oates/S. Peckinpaugh1974/Adventure
Omar Sharif,Jack Palance/R. Fleischer1969/Biography
John Wayne, Susan Hayward/D. Powell1956/Biography
Lois Hall, James Cardwell/G. Blair1949/Adventure
Morgan Conway/G. M. Douglas1946/Comic Book
David Janssen, Patti Page/A. Zugsmith1961/Comic Book
Richard Kiel/Arch Hall1962/Monster
Akira Yamauchi/Y. Banno1972/Monster
Adolphe Menjou, Ritz Brothers/G. Marshall1938/Musical
John Scott/Del Tenney1964/Monster
Michael Caine, Jane Fonda/O. Preminger1967/Drama
Nickolai Cherkassov/S. Eisenstein1943-46/Biography
Charles Laughton/A. Hitchcock1939/Adventure
John Agar/Edward Cahn1958/War
James Franciscus,Juliet Mills (voices)/H. Bartlett1973/Inspirational
Rex Harrison, Virginia Mayo/D. Butler1954/History
Dennis Hopper (also directed)1971/Art Film
Actor/DirectorName of FilmYear/Genre
Delphine Selrig/Alan Resnais1962/Art Film
Peter Finch, Liv Ullman/C. Jarriott1973/Musical Remake
Raquel Welch, Mae West/M. Sarne1970/Comedy
Nelson Eddy, Jeanette Macdonald/R. Z. Leonard1940/Musical
Gary Cooper, Robert Preston/C.B. Demille1940/Adventure
Gregory Peck, Lee Remick/R. Donner1976/Horror
Clark Gable, Myrna Loy/J. M. Stahl1937/Biography
Faye Dunaway, Marcello Mastroianni/V. De Sica1969/Drama
Lee Van Cleef, Giampero Albertini/'Frank Kramer'1972/Spaghetti Western
George Nader/Phil Tucker1953/Monster
John Call, Leonard Hicks/N. Webster1964/Christmas
Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds/F. Tashlin1959/Drama
Yul Brynner, Gina Lollobridgida/K. Vidor1959/Biblical Epic
Elvis, Shelley Fabares/N. Taurog1966/Musical
Ronald Coleman, Marx Bros./I. Allen1957/History, Comedy
Beverly Garland, Mike Connors/R. Corman1955/Adventure
Humphrey Bogart, Ronald Reagan/R. Enright1938/Comedy
Billy Curtis, Little Billy/S.Newfield1938/Western
Ronald Reagan, Shirley Temple/P. Godfrey1947/Drama
Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh/J. Lewis1966/Comedy
Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor/F. Laughlin1974/Drama
Robert Hooks, Paul Winfield/I. Dixon1972/Blaxploitation
Gene Autrey, Sterling Hayden/F. McDonald1948/Western
Patty Duke, Sharon Tate/M. Robson1967/Drama
Mark Frechette/M. Antonioni1970/Art Film

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