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A bank or some commercial finance company lends money secured by some pledged asset- Usually A/R or invent.
Redeemable by issuer before scheduled maturity. Issuer must pay premium price if the security is retired early,
______ price is the price at which a security can be redeemed by issuer. Usually higher han par value to compenstae the holder 
Short term obligations ranging from 2 to 270 days issued by banks, corporations and other borrowers.
Investors like this because the interest rates are marginally lower than the bank rate. Back by bank lines and issued by top- rated parties 
Corporate securities that are exchangeable for a set number of another form (usually common stock.)
A type of loan ______ in which the interest rate does not fluctuate with general market conditions.
A debt instrument with a variable interest rate. Interest adjustments are made periodically
Bonds where coupon payments are dependent on company earnings. Payments are only made if earnings are sufficient.
Financing where repayment comes from cash flows generated by a particular job the company takes on, not the total cash slows and assets of the borrower
Bond backed by the pledge of collateral
Bond not backed by collateral; Only on the word of the borrowe
Aka- Debentures 
In the event of a default, has first claim on assets.
Junior claim on assets to other debt. Repayable only after higher claims have been satisfied
Bonds issued with various maturity dates schedule at regular intervals until entire reissue is retired.
Money accumulated on a regular basis on a separate custodial account and is used to redeem debt securities or preferred stock issues.

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