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Movies and TVCharacter
Wears expensive suits, drinks Scotch, loves his dog Baxter
He's got an arm like a cannon, enjoys the High Life and riding jet skis
He is the life of parties he's never attended, sharks have a week dedicated to him, he can speak French...in Russian
He will never have a heart attack...his heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack him, he's counted to infinity...twice, he does not sleep...he waits
He asks for Liter Cola, loves the taste of powdered sugar, his favorite restaurant is Shenanigans
He has a thing for the Six Million Dollar Man, enjoys singing karaoke by himself, has once been called a 'Man-O-Lantern'
He is very charitable, loves being quoted so bring pen and paper, is the party liaison to Coolidge College
He likes to play with his food, broadcasts videos to his peers, has been to bandcamp
He reads the dictionary, takes the bull by the horns, sits on the back of scooters
He wants to be a doctor, is motivated by food, likes living high.
Movies and TVCharacter
He hopes President Bush drinks the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq, is terrified by gypsies, loves the show Baywatch
He names his baby Carlos, wears satchels, thinks of himself as a lonely wolf
He looks forward to magazine days, chases after penguins, needs to study hard even though he's rich
He learned Cantonese, stars in his own TV show, received a gun rack from his ex-girlfriend
He is irresistible to women, swears the pump isn't his bag, uses a 9mm for protection
He loves animals, can talk out of various orifices, has kissed a man
He drinks White Russians, occasionally has acid flashbacks, loves bowling
He is a successful salesman, is a volunteer sheriff deputy, lives on a Beet farm
He loathes his mother, has a foreign accent, might be a homosexual
He is a rude and neurotic man, is very powerful in Hollywood, loves to hug it out

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