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Can you name the Lord of the Rings names?

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Forced Order
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He's the real hero of the story and has a side job as the gardener at Bag End
who is given a small box of earth by
whose granddaughter is
who goes on to marry
who wields the sword
which was forged from the shards of
which was wielded by
who was counseled to destroy the Ring by
who lives in
which lies east of the Ford of
in which the Nazg├╗l's mounts were destroyed by
who once lived in the Elven city of
which was sieged in the First Age by
whose right hand man was
who lives in
to the west of which lives the spider
whom two hobbits were lead to by
who used to live under the
where he was discovered by the hobbit
who was on a quest with the dwarf
and the wizard
whose fireworks are famous in the
which is bounded on the east by the
where the hobbits are attacked by the tree
but are then saved by this spoony bard
who escorted the hobbits most of the way to
to the east of which lies the hill
where the hobbits are attacked by the
one of which wields a
which he uses to stab
who is more than half a
like this member of the Fellowship
whose best friend was
who swears fealty to
who is the steward of
which lies to the south of
whose king is
whose adviser was
who was secretly working for
who lives in
which was besieged by the
who were lead by (English name)
who lives in
where this elf tracked his two missing diminutive companions
whose father is
who is the king of
which lies west of this body of water
on the shores of which is the city
in which lives the archer
who killed the dragon
who lived in
to the south of which was the Battle of
in which this Skin-Changer fought
who lived near the hill
which Thorin and Co. were flown to by
who also rescued two hobbits from the mountain
which Frodo was carried partway up by

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Doodling outside the lines doesn't really count, though.
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