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Can control anyone whose blood comes in contact with it
Multiplies when it comes in contact with a person. Can only be defeated if caught.
When used in a certain environment, the victims have an overwhelming sensation of love
Causes earthquakes when it strikes the ground
Imbued with the icy chill and when blowed on, a person will freeze to death
Sucks in all surrounding matter
Makes the user magnetic
Changes the language that the person is speaking.
Inflicts torture by separating every bone in the body
When shaken, it freezes what is directly under it
Any damage to the user of this artifact is done to the inflicter instead
When used, anything written comes true
Imbued with Christmas Spirit
If the victim drinks a liquid that was touched by this artifact, it increases muscle mass and makes the victim stronger
Kills people by turning them into glass
Makes the victim have visions of what the companion artifact is writing about
Transports a person into another time period in the form of another human for 22 hours and 19 minutes
Makes the user look like another person
This artifact can make the user move so fast that he or she is invisible to the naked eye
Makes the victim do the opposite of that they would usually do through hypnosis.
Allows the viewer to interact with his or her reflection. It also allows objects to pass through, but nothing can come out if something else doesn't go in.
________ took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks, When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one.
If people knew the reasons for my fear, they'd be able to understand my pain.
When images are superimposed, it can transform youth from one person to another
Has seductive powers when a person touches them
If struck three times in the ground, it will trigger a series of volcanic eruptions that will wipe out most of humanity
Protects against fire and makes a person theoretically inflammable
Makes the user see slightly into the future for gambling purposes
Whatever happens to the room, happens to this artifact and vise versa.
Makes the user able to walk through solid matter
Makes the two users switch bodies or minds
Trapped Joshua between dimensions. Allows for human teleportation.
These two companion artifacts were used to record and project movies in life-size and realistic scenes
Can only be shut down by a large electrical force. Kills the victim and others by electrocution.
Releases energy and feelings experienced at the place where this artifact was used. It plays music and projects light.
Hours of fun for the whole family!
Drains a person's life force and will to live
This artifact splits light and makes the user invisible

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