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A natural light display in the skyA
212 degrees FahrenheitB
The change of the physical state of matter from gaseous phase into liquid phaseC
Made evolution popularD
These are in the periodic tableE
A large group of organisms that includes yeasts and moldsF
A system of stars and remnantsG
(Answer #5) that is often used in balloonsH
A rare, malleable metalI
Largest planet in the solar systemJ
Moving energyK
Eclipse when the moon passes behind the earthL
Object in space that survives impact with the Earth's surfaceM
Perhaps the great scientist ever; discovered the prismN
To circle the earthO
Hole located in the center of the irisP
An abundant mineral in the Earth's crustQ
Process in which energetic particles or waves travel through a medium or space; A type of fogR
Black dots on the sun's photosphereS
Part of an animal's body between head and abdomenT
A silvery-white metallic (Answer #5) of the periodic tableU
A substance in the gas phaseV
Unit of power named after a Scottish engineerW
A form of electromagnetic radiationX
36 inchesY
Also called spelterZ

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