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QUIZ: Do you know the population of each African country?

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Country namePopulation (read How to play)Precision (+/- c.10%)
Beninin millions
Comorosin thousands
São Tomé and Príncipein thousands
Ethiopiain millions
Ugandain millions
Malawiin millions
Burundiin millions
Central African Republicin millions
Zimbabwein millions
Cape Verdein thousands
Algeriain millions
Liberiain millions
Mauritaniain millions
Moroccoin millions
Egyptin millions
Seychellesin thousands
Botswanain millions
Madagascarin millions
Democtratic Republic of the Congoin millions
Nigeriain millions
Mozambiquein millions
Senegalin millions
Eritreain millions
Gabonin millions
Maliin millions
Tunisiain millions
Kenyain millions
Country namePopulation (read How to play)Precision (+/- c.10%)
Ghanain millions
Swazilandin millions
Rwandain millions
South Sudanin millions
Equatorial Guineain millions
Togoin millions
Somaliain millions
Tanzaniain millions
South Africain millions
Lesothoin millions
Djiboutiin thousands
Sierra Leonein millions
Chadin millions
Libyain millions
Republic of the Congoin millions
Guinea-Bissauin millions
Namibiain millions
Cameroonin millions
Côte d'Ivoirein millions
Nigerin millions
Burkina Fasoin millions
Angolain millions
Guineain millions
Zambiain millions
Mauritiusin millions
The Gambiain millions
Sudanin millions

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