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punches backwards and forwards
shoots a boomerang
blows flying zombies to the back
when eaten zombies fart to death
explodes straight away
shoots an exploding coconut
when charged shoots a ball of plasma
launches cabbages
stalls machines
destroys graves
freezes zombies on contact
a weaker wall-nut that regains health
allows you to instantly reload a seed packet
clears a row with fire
throws corn and occasionally a butter cube
shoots piercing lasers
makes chickens in to KFC
When fully grown in Zen garden gives you rewards
uses sun and kills a basic zombie instantly
hurls strong melon
makes one plant food
explodes when stepped on
can be planted on 5 times for a lot of damage
spits a slimy pea
shoots 2 slimy peas
bounces a zombie into the ocean
breathes fire
shoots stars in every direction
squashes any zombie
shoots slimy peas backwards and forward
shoots cold peas that slow zombies down
kills a basic zombie
produces additional sun
like spikerock except does less damage
doesn't let flying zombies thrust above it
shoots slimy peas in three different rows
produces even more sun
turns into a power tile
turns slimy peas into fiery hot peas
chucks freezing melons that slow zombies down
buys you some time to plants

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