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Version Covered/Who Sings It On GleeSongEpisode #
Oliver!/Hank Saunders and Sandy Ryerson1: 'Pilot'
Aretha Franklin/Mercedes Jones1: 'Pilot'
Chicago/Kurt Hummel1: 'Pilot'
Katy Perry/Tina Cohen-Chang1: 'Pilot'
Les Misérables/Rachel Berry1: 'Pilot'
Guys and Dolls/New Directions1: 'Pilot'
REO Speedwagon/Finn Hudson1: 'Pilot'
Journey/Young Finn Hudsen and Darren1: 'Pilot'
Grease/New Directions1: 'Pilot'
Amy Winehouse/Vocal Adrenaline1: 'Pilot'
Peter, Paul and Mary/Will Schuester1: 'Pilot'
KC and the Sunshine Band/McKinley High Glee Club-19931: 'Pilot'
KC and the Sunshine Band/McKinley High Glee Club-19931: 'Pilot'
Journey/New Directions1: 'Pilot'
Chic/New Directions2: 'Showmance'
Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx/Will Schuester and New Directions2: 'Showmance'
Eric Carmen/Emma Pillsbury2: 'Showmance'
Salt-n-Pepa/New Directions2: 'Showmance'
Dionne Warwick/Quinn Fabray with Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce2: 'Showmance'
Rihanna/Rachel Berry with Mercedes Jones and Tina Cohen-Chang2: 'Showmance'
Anon/Acafellas3: 'Acafellas'
Montell Jordan/Acafellas3: 'Acafellas'
Bell Biv DeVoe/Acafellas3: 'Acafellas'
Duffy/Vocal Adrenaline3: 'Acafellas'
Jazmine Sullavan/Mercedes Jones3: 'Acafellas'
Color Me Badd/Acafellas3: 'Acafellas'
Beyoncé/Kurt Hummel with Tina Cohen-Chang and Brittany Pierce; McKinley High football team4: 'Preggers'
Céline Dion/Rachel Berry4: 'Preggers'
West Side Story/Tina Cohen-Chang4: 'Preggers'
Cabaret/April Rhodes and Rachel Berry5: 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Cabaret/Rachel Berry5: 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Heart/April Rhodes and Will Schuester5: 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Carrie Underwood/April Rhodes and New Directions5: 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Queen/New Directions5: 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Bon Jovi; Usher/New Directions males6: 'Vitamin D'
Beyoncé; Katrina and the Waves/New Directions females6: 'Vitamin D'
Jill Scott/Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang and New Directions: Sue's Kids7: 'Throwdown'
Nelly feat. City Spud/New Directions7: 'Throwdown'
Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown/Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson with New Directions7: 'Throwdown'
The Supremes/Quinn Fabray7: 'Throwdown'
Avril Lavigne/New Directions7: 'Throwdown'
Young MC/Will Schuester and New Directions8: 'Mash-Up'
Sisqó/WIll Schuester8: 'Mash-Up'
Christina Aguilera/Rachel Berry8: 'Mash-Up'
Version Covered/Who Sings It On GleeSongEpisode #
Neil Diamond/Puck and New Directions8: 'Mash-Up'
Louis Prima/Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester8: 'Mash-Up'
My Fair Lady/Emma Pillsbury8: 'Mash-Up'
Nouvelle Vague/Artie Abrams9: 'Wheels'
Wicked/Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry9: 'Wheels'
Ike and Tina Turner/New Directions9: 'Wheels'
Lionel Richie and Diana Ross/Rachel Berry and Will Schuester10: 'Ballad'
The Pretenders/Finn Hudson10: 'Ballad'
The Police; Gary Puckett & The Union Gap/Will Schuester10: 'Ballad'
Jennifer Paige/Rachel Berry10: 'Ballad'
Paul Anka and Odia Coates/Finn Hudson10: 'Ballad'
Bill Withers/New Directions10: 'Ballad'
Destiny's Child/Jane Addams Girls Choir11: 'Hairography'
Dionne Warwick/Mercedes Jones11: 'Hairography'
Grease/Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson11: 'Hairography'
Madonna/Quinn Fabray and Puck11: 'Hairography'
Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z; Hair/New Directions11: 'Hairography'
John Lennon/Haverbrook Deaf Choir and New Directions11: 'Hairography'
Cyndi Lauper/Tina Cohen-Chang and New Directions11: 'Hairography'
Lily Allen/Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson12: 'Mattress'
Louis Armstrong/Rachel Berry12: 'Mattress'
Van Halen/New Directions12: 'Mattress'
Charlie Chaplin/New Directions12: 'Mattress'
Dreamgirls/Mercedes Jones13: 'Sectionals'
Dreamgirls/Jane Addams Girls Choir13: 'Sectionals'
Ike and Tina Turner/Jane Addams Girls Choir13: 'Sectionals'
Journey/Haverbrook Deaf Choir13: 'Sectionals'
Funny Girl/Rachel Berry13: 'Sectionals'
The Rolling Stones/New Directions13: 'Sectionals'
Kelly Clarkson/New Directions13: 'Sectionals'
The Doors/Finn Hudson14: 'Hell-O'
The All-American Rejects/Rachel Berry and New Directions14: 'Hell-O'
Lionel Richie/Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James14: 'Hell-O'
Neil Diamond/Will Schuester14: 'Hell-O'
AC/DC/Vocal Adrenaline14: 'Hell-O'
The Beatles/New Directions14: 'Hell-O'
Madonna/McKinley High Cheerios15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Madonna/New Directions females15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Madonna/Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Madonna/Sue Sylvester15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Madonna/Finn Hudson and Santana Lopez; Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury; Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland/Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Madonna/Will Schuester and New Directions males15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Madonna/New Directions15: 'The Power of Madonna'
Version Covered/Who Sings It On GleeSongEpisode #
Bruce Springsteen/April Rhodes and Will Schuester16: 'Home'
Dionne Warwick/Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson16: 'Home'
Barbra Streissand/April Rhodes and Will Schuster16: 'Home'
Christina Aguilera/Mercedes Jones and New Directions16: 'Home'
The Wiz/April Rhodes and New Directions16: 'Home'
Vanilla Ice/Will Schuester and New Directions17: 'Bad Reputation'
MC Hammer/Artie Abrams, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang, and Brittany Pierce17: 'Bad Reputation'
Olivia Newton/John/Sue Sylvester and Olivia Newton-John17: 'Bad Reputation'
David Geddes/Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Jesse St. James, Puck, Santana Lopez, Brittany Pierce and Sandy Ryerson17: 'Bad Reputation'
Bonnie Tyler/Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Jesse St. James and Puck17: 'Bad Reputation'
Miley Cyrus/Rachel Berry18: 'Laryngitis'
Rick Springfield/Finn Hudson18: 'Laryngitis'
Sammy Davis, Jr./Puck and Mercedes Jones18: 'Laryngitis'
John Mellencamp/Kurt Hummel18: 'Laryngitis'
Brandy and Monica/Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez18: 'Laryngitis'
Gypsy: A Musical Fable/Kurt Hummel18: 'Laryngitis'
U2/Rachel Berry, Sean Fretthold and New Directions18: 'Laryngitis'
The Monkees/Bryan Ryan19: 'Dream On'
Billy Joel/Will Schuester and Bryan Ryan19: 'Dream On'
Sweet Charity/Auditioning woman19: 'Dream On'
Aerosmith/Will Shuester and Bryan Ryan19: 'Dream On'
Men Without Hats/Artie Abrams19: 'Dream On'
Les Misérables/Rachel Berry and Shelby Cocoran19: 'Dream On'
The Mamas and the Papas/Artie Abrams and New Directions19: 'Dream On'
Barbra Streisnd/Shelby Corcoran20: 'Theatricality'
Lady Gaga/New Directions females with Kurt Hummel20: 'Theatricality'
Kiss/New Directions males except Kurt Hummel20: 'Theatricality'
Kiss/New Dirctions males except Kurt Hummel20: 'Theatricality'
Lady Gaga/Rachel Berry and Shelby Corcoran21: 'Funk'
Queen/Vocal Adrenaline21: 'Funk'
Rufus and Chaka Khan/Will Schuester21: 'Funk'
Beck/Puck, Finn Hudson, Sandy Ryerson, Howard Bamboo and Terri Schuester21: 'Funk'
James Brown/Quinn Fabray21: 'Funk'
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch feat. Loleatta Holloway/Puck, Finn Hudson and Mercedes Jones21: 'Funk'
Parliament/New Directions22: 'Journey to Regionals'
Josh Groban/Olivia Newton-John/Aural Intensity22: 'Journey to Regionals'
Journey/Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson and New Directions22: 'Journey to Regionals'
Journey/New Directions22: 'Journey to Regionals'
Journey/New Directions22: 'Journey to Regionals'
Queen/Vocal Adrenaline22: 'Journey to Regionals'
Lulu/New Directions22: 'Journey to Regionals'
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole/Will Schuester and Puck22: 'Journey to Regionals'

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