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Can you name the Pokemon moves that fits the description??

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A move that will select virtually any random Pokemon move.Gen I
A move that will provide temporary ground immunity for five turns.Gen IV
A powerful beam that exhausts your Pokemon and requires an extra turn of rest.Gen I
A great way to prevent your opponent from using non-attacking moves.Gen III
A beautiful melody that will heal your party from any status ailment.Gen II
The power of this move will double if the opponent is already asleep.Gen IV
A powerful fist that is able to break through Light Screen and Reflect.Gen III
The weakest attack in the game that also has a small chance of lowering the Speed stat.Gen I
This move uses the power of your whole party to attack your opponent.Gen II
Enables your Pokemon to use other moves while sleeping.Gen II
A move that will cause more damage if your opponent's Pokemon has a higher level of HP.Gen IV
A barrage of rocks are thrown at your opponent and has a slight chance to flinch your opponent.Gen I
Use this move to expose Ghost-types to Fighting and Normal-type moves.Gen II/III
A move that is completely useless and causes no real damage.Gen I
A move that sacrifices your Pokemon and lowers your opponents Attack and Special Attack sharply at the same time.Gen III
A demonic look that will prevent your opponent from switching out.Gen II
A move that allows your Pokemon to copy virtually any move.Gen II
A special melody that raises your Pokemon's Attack stat to the max at the expense of your health.Gen II
A move that will sap the energy out of your opponent every turn.Gen I
A move that will attack your opponent over five turns and gains more power each turn.Gen II/III
A fake copy of your Pokemon will be created at the expense of their HP.Gen I
A move that draws attention from your partner in a double battle and focus it on you.Gen III
A rare move that will put both of your opponents to sleep in a double battle.Gen IV
A hard hitting grass attack that has a high chance for a critical hit.Gen I
A move made up of three elements that has a slight chance of causing three different status ailments.Gen I
A normal attacking move that causes regular damage. In Generation II and onwards, it will cause double damage to Minimizers.Gen I
A move that randomly selects a stat and increases it by two levels.Gen IV
A move that allows your Pokemon to cross the water outside of battle.Gen I
A strong move that will fail if your opponent attacks your Pokemon during the same turn the move is used.Gen III
A normal damaging move that will get rid of entry hazards.Gen II

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