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Andy's Mom's license plate in Toy StoryA
A ____ Life, 1998 pixar filmB
________ Tatou, Linguini's love interest in RatatouilleC
The golden retriever in UpD
Wall-E's love interestE
Randall's minion in Monsters IncF
The leader of the Tank Gang in Finding NemoG
Lightning McQueen's agent in CarsH
Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack are better known as The _________I
The only actor to be in every Pixar movieJ
The name of the bird in UpK
The toy that gets strapped to the front of a garbage truckL
The Incredibles' fashion designer, Edna ____M
Buzz thinks he is this woman at the tea party in Sid's house; Mrs_____N
The robots that Syndrome designed in order to kill all the SuperheroesO
The competition in CarsP
Lightning Mc_______Q
The Black Widow spider in A Bug's LifeR
Bruce, Anchor and Chum are what types of animalsS
The name of the Triceratops in Toy Story 3T
2009 filmU
Where Ken and his gang hang out and play rouletteV
42 _______ Way, SydneyW
Buzz's robot sidekick in Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandX
The colour of the Pizza Planet vansY
Buzz Lightyear's sworn enemyZ

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