50 battles that changed the world

Can you name the 50 battles that changed the world?

Greeks repulse an invasion by the Persians under Darius I490 BC
Riots in the Byzantine capital city are put down by Justinian, Narses, Belisarius and Mundus532 AD
American forces attempt to break the siege of Boston1775 AD
Alexander the Great routs an army led by Darius III331 BC
Saladin annihilates a force of crusaders and recaptures Jerusalem1187 AD
Naval battle in which the Portugese defeated the Egyptians, Indians, and Ottomans to take control of the Indian ocean1509 AD
World War II aeriel battle between the RAF and Lufwaffe1940 AD
Venetian forces under Enrico Dandolo sack the Byzantine capital1205 AD
Pacific naval battle where the Japanese under Togo annihilate a Russian fleet1905 AD
American revolutionary victory that brings France into the war1777 AD
French republican forces halt an invasion by Prussians, allowing the French revolution to proceed1792 AD
Roman forces under Valens are defeated by Goths. The collapse of the Roman Empire begins378 AD
An American fleet crushed a Japanese invasion force in this World War II battle1942 AD
William the Conquerer defeats Harold Godwinson, allowing William to claim the English throne1066 AD
Spanish conquistadors and their native allies besiege and capture the Aztec capital city1520-1521 AD
A street-to-street battle which saw the German sixth army surrender to the Soviets1942-1943 AD
Byzantine forces under Narses crush an Ostrogoth army in northern Italy552 AD
Otto I repulses a Magyar invasion of central Europe995 AD
A week long riot that marked the start of the Irish Civil War1916 AD
Judas Maccabeus defeats Greek forces under Gorgias, opening the way for Judean independence166 BC
Calpihate Muslims defeat Byzantine forces in the Holy Land636 AD
World War II battle which pitted German submarines against American and British supply ships and escorts1939-1945 AD
Hannibal annihilates a Roman army sent against him216 BC
A coalition army led by the Duke of Marlborough defeats a French army at extremely high cost1709 AD
A roman army led by Crassus is annihilated by Persians. Crassus is captured and tortured to death53 BC
Ottoman sultan Mehmed II captures the capital of the Byzantine Empire1453 AD
A spanish naval fleet is annihilated by a smaller english fleet commanded by Sir Francis Drake1588 AD
Early World War I battle where French and British stopped the German invasion just short of Paris1914 AD
The Turks lay siege to a Greek island defended by Knights Hospitaller1522 AD
Charles the Hammer repulses a Muslim invasion of France732 AD
German colonial forces in East Africa defeat British forces during World War I1914 AD
The crumbling Roman Empire and its allies repulse an invasion by Attila the Hun451 AD
Reconquista battle which saw Spanish forces under Alfonso VIII destroy a Moorish army1212 AD
Wang Khan betrays Genghis Khan and leads a Kerait army against him. Genghis repulses their attack1180 AD
Braxton Bragg defeats Union forces under William S. Rosecrans in the western theatre of the US Civil War1863 AD
Naval battle in which a coalition of European nations defeated the Ottoman Empire1571 AD
War of 1812 battle which saw Americans under Andrew Jackson defeat an invading British army two weeks after the war ended1814 AD
Russian mobs revolt, overthrow the Czar, and install a short-lived provisional government1917 AD
Final desperate offensive by the Germans to win World War I1918 AD
A Republic of Texas garrison is annihilated by Mexicans under Santa Anna1836 AD
The 'Ever victorious army' defeats Taipang rebels1862 AD
The Duke of Wellington defeats Napoleon1815 AD
Arab Muslims under Umar defeat Sassanid Persians, allowing Islam to spread to Persia637 AD
Ivan the Terrible destroys a regional rival, razing their capital to the ground and massacring the inhabitants1552 AD
Decisive battle in the 30 years war, in which Gustavus Adolphus was killed1632 AD
An American naval fleet annihilates a Spanish fleet in the Philippines1898 AD
A surprise offensive by the Vietcong against the Americans and South Vietnamese1968 AD
A Roman army under Marcus Furius Camillus ejects Gaulic invaders from the Roman capital390 BC
Helmuth von Moltke defeats French forces attempting to relieve the Siege of Metz, effectively winning the Franco-Prussian War1870 AD
Peter the Great defeats Sweden's Charles XII in the Ukraine during the Great Northern War1709 AD
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