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I am bordered by Spain only.
I am home to the Zulu ethnic group.
I boast more lakes than all of the lakes in other countries combined.
I am an Asian island nation and my largest island is Luzon.
I am currently dealing with a Communist insurgency led by 'Shining Path'.
I house over 65 un-contacted tribes.
I am considered one of the last frontiers on Earth and have over 800 spoken languages.
My sworn enemy is Pakistan due to the whole Bangladesh thing...
Let's just say I have a little problem with Drug Cartels...
What would the pope do?
I am a small kingdom on the Bornean Island.
I am an island nation located under Italy.
The IAEA will not get in me! (Middle East)
Does the communist rebel group FARC ring a bell?
8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world are part of my territory.
I have the largest muslim population out of any country.
I boast a vast amount of different ethnic groups such as the Chukchi people.
I am the only absolute monarchy in Africa.
I am the newest country in the world.
The Brown Recluse Spider is an animal endemic to me.
I am an island nation that got invaded by the US due to 'communist' activities.
The Taepodong is my pride!
I refuse to acknowledge Taiwan's independence.
I am the last country to introduce television to my people, in 1999.
I am a country in mainland Europe that often gets confused with a Nordic country.
I have the highest obesity rate in the world with over 94.5% of my people obese.
In 2011, 77 people were murdered in my country by Anders Breivik.
I am the 'micro' version of a certain Asian country.
Me and slovakia used to be buddies...
Ljubljana is my capital city.

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