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What state's coastline is longer than that of all the states' coastlines combined in the U.S.? 
In what city is the Great Westminster Clock located in? 
What was the country of Iran formerly called? 
What's the only letter in the English alphabet that has three syllables? 
What is the oldest college in the U.S.? 
What cheese is often made with water buffalo milk? 
Theodor Geisel is better known by what name? 
Olympic gold medals are more than 90% what material? 
Alex Trebek is best known for hosting what show? 
*~* With over 2,000 locations, it is recognized as the world's largest casual dining restaurant chain. *~* 
What body part are owls not able to move? 
There are 99 bodies of water named Mud Lake in which state? 
Who was the first human in space? 
What is the only metal that remains liquid under room temperature? 
Which heavy metal group took the name of Dutch-born members guitarist Eddie and drummer Alex? 
The worlds first mid air collision took place over what country? 
Where was the USA's worst nuclear accident, in 1979? 
Which German city is known locally as Koln? 
Name the only rock that floats. 
*~* Who founded the American Institution of public Opinion? *~* 
What's short for 'light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation'? 
What country did Ion Iliescu take over after its previous president was arrested, tried, and shot? 
Freeport international airport is in which country? 
What US politician made claims of communist infiltration in the 1950s? 
Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Moody River? 
Which was the first network to broadcast all its programs in color? 
What is the scientific term for the thigh bone? 
What star other than the sun is closest to the earth? 
The Jets and the Sharks can be found in which Oscar winning movie? 
*~* What element is it that gives amethyst its violet color? *~* 
Enter the symbols, in order, from the answers to the questions with *~* in them. 
Enter the code from the question above... 
The correct answer is... 
Enter the code from the qustion above... 
The correct answer is... 

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