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Speculate about the identity or fate of ASOIAF characters - FOR NERDS ONLY (SPOILER ALERT)

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appearancetrue identity (name)
Robert Strong
The Three Eyed Crow
The Alchemist
Pate like the pig boy
Jon Snows mother
Blue rose at the wall (Daenerys vision in the House of the Undying)
Alleras the Sphinx
Eddards first love ...
Jeyne Westerling presented to Jaime
Her poisons made Jeyne Westerling barren ... or fertile
Goat sized by Shaggydog ..
appearancetrue identity (name)
Killed Arthur Dayne...
Still alive after fighting Meryn Trant ...
Not drowned after fighting Victarion ...
Wymans Pies ingredients ...
Lesbian couple
Ser Duncan the Tall descendant
Sandor Clegane did (not) kiss
Sailors Wife, **** of Braavos
Tyrions daughter
Balon was mudered by (command of)
Gravedigger of the Monastery
May save Jon Snow after all

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