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Can you name the play given three characters?

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Society Lady, Mexican Husband, Priest
Star, Adam, Serpent
Cute Guy, Game Show Host, Loulou
Josh, the Cryptographer, Portia
Reve, Edith, Marie Christine
Kasha, Samn, Chinarella
Dexter, Suzette, Honeycomb
Fatty, Mary Jo (the Mother), Moppet
Tulla, Espa, Minister Fisty
The Hapless Waiter, Diane-Misty, Millian
Jake Basket, Medda Larkson, Natasha Poore
Wren, Pahc, Michael
Joe Vaginde, Vile Man, Horned Horse
Glory, Lesley, Claythorn
Diana Diane, Ndarnecwy, the Dreamcatcher
Preacher, Greenwich, Jesus Christ
Mr. Sale, Kofi, Oshamit
Billie (the Maid), Ronald McGoo, Samantha von Steward
Matt, Katie, Abby
Yurma, The Head Goon, Nrovea
Half Pint, Mimi, Chuck
Teal, Aquamarine, Peach
Javelle, Estonia, Dragonfly
Madame Garter, Lisa's Sister, W Charles
Connie Belle, Jessica, Lambone
Nanou's Child #1, Beaucaj, Blondie
Traverson's Ex, Passerby, C
Lisa, Mr. Hampford, Rogue Bogdanovich
Muriel, Chaneice, Tilda
Charlie, Martha Day, Cameron Uptown
Gunner, Will, Ma
Manny Mortmain, Lynn Donovan, Stratford Highfoot
Archangel, Lacey, Mary
Sarah, Marjorie, Living Doll
Marjorie, Fisty Breasts, Sarah
Grenda, Bobby, Trolly
Angela, Zorro, Larson
Sarah, Diane, Grenda
Belinda, Charmane, Tobert
Tnuoc, Mubba, Tammy
Antonia, Pepe, Rhumba
Timmy, Pinkette, Michelle
Zelda, Joey, Jerk
Pastor Lantern, Ophelia, Rummy Fundy
Evelyn, God's Wife, Satan
Michael, Teddy, Magnolia (the Nut Vendor)
Palo, Lonnie, Wardo
Daylaplota, Papapoa, Magnot
Trendy, Mrs. Edgeworthy, Marco Polo Jones
Bromwell, Millie, Sasha
Grenda, Spam, Tena
Blitzy, Craig, Christy
Mem, Gee, God's Wife
Tea, Roxanne, Mr. Bumsteer
Yeachen's Servant, Goochi, Yahoo's Queen Mother
Nell Landers, Daffy Dilly, Di Rio
Churchette, The Finisher, Oncle
Anita Bessie, Mahoney, Grandfather
Jean Le Bouvier, Frimsin, J. Jay Saunders
Zeletta, Julie Rogers, Vic
Roxy, Sharon, Jeanne
Fancy, Nancy, C.T. Whack
Mr. Jones, Sand, Sybil
Mrs. Lotina, Dallia, Warington
Betsy Talker, Paul, Honey
Pamela, Officer Dan, Jason
Kristin Smith, Gloria Hooker, Bitsy
Delinda, Toni, Husa Hardham
Mrs. Westifer, the Good Lord, Dew
Naquanda, Yelda, Grandfather
Mystique, Chinarella, Spam
Mimi, Alfrado, Musetta
Alexandria, Ina Wong, Petra
David, Aunt Josephina, the Moth

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